Where to find art and craft supplies in Jeddah

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6 Responses

  1. Zainub Khan says:

    jazakillah khayr! been in jeddah for a couple of years now and have been looking for affordable ways to keep myself busy, i knew about the shops in macarona though i never purchased any craft stuff but may visit soon for laces. i saw a few shops in malls but they all looked very costly 🙁 so i stayed away. your post is very helpful, cant wait to bribe dearest husband somehow and visit some of these places 😀 not very clued up on how to follow blogs but will sign up for the newsletter in sha Allah, cant wait to explore yours!

    • Aysh says:

      Thank You Zainub! Yes it is a good idea to follow our newsletter. I am glad you found the list helpful!

  2. Ja says:

    hello! what store would you recommend for buying calligraphy pen? nice article btw. 🙂

    • Aysh Siddiqua says:

      Hello! Jarir Bookstore or Tihama Bookstore would be my go to. You can try Mirza Library on Falasteen street (next to Jarir) too.

  3. mehar says:

    this is really informative… jazakillah… may i know where to get the empty spray bottle for refilling. white board paints , and some wodden blocks for crafting and carpenting… (ahem actually i am not a carpenter but i really love to make furnitures by myself ) pls help me…
    can i get any wooden peices from jarir? …. example for foto printing and all????

    • Aysh Siddiqua says:

      Umm… that’s so many queries… 😅 I recently saw white board and blackboard paint at Homeworks at Nas Town Madinah road, next door to Danube.

      Jarir has a lot of hobby crafts… you can call them and ask. They have an excellent customer care…

      If you want plywood… I am not sure what you mean by wood… that will be hardware shops. Again Homeworks, SACO or IKEA even… there is a whole area in Kilo 2 area (that’s near balad area) that has hardware and wood…