Teaching Children to Love Salah With One Trick

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10 Responses

  1. Saima naseem says:

    Hey salaams

    Jzk for your lovely post. I have a five year old son and this is very inspirational insha’Allah I will take this on board when he starts his prayers, iA.


  2. Qoyyuum says:

    Awesome tip! I’ll definitely give this a try once I have my own kids one day. 🙂

  3. Tarana Khan says:

    Completely agree about setting an example. That teaches kids more than anything else, and that’s how I learned from my father.

  4. hasma usman says:

    Very good sharing of how we should lead our children by example. It brings me back then to those years where i did the same. I have 3 boys and 2 girls 10 to 5 yr olds. I alternate them in going to Jumaah prayers so they will see in actual how salah is done in mosque and among a large number of people adding to their initial appreciation of what Islam Ummah is all about. I also trained them how to fast starting to abstain food up to recess time, so they
    do not have an intake from 7 to 9:30 am. But they also wake up for the
    sohoor. I also enroll them to the madrasah every summer, so they have 2
    months of concentrated islamic learning experience. I believe those children who at an early age learn Islam will have more chances of being a Muslim adult. I learn and discovered that by experience. At present, modesty aside and in Allah swt will and blessings, i now have a 5 grown up professionals, all Muslim practicing adults, 2 lawyers, a nurse who has pursued a medicine aduated a course at the moment and 2 certified public accountant, one of
    whom has graduated Masters in Islamic Finance and Banking in one of the universities in Malaysia. Alhamdulillah and truly Allah swt is Great. Allahu akbar! Shukran fornthis opportunity of shring mine too.

    • Aysh says:

      Jzk for sharing. I am sure many will appreciate your experience. We can all learn to parent better by watching how others are doing it. Thank you for sharing such excellent tips. MashaAllah.

  5. Hina says:

    thank you for this beautiful piece! Very inspiring, mA. I wrote a piece called “Planting the Seeds of Prayer in Our Young Ones” for SeekersHub. You can find it online; I pray it benefits, iA.

  6. Misha says:

    Such a nice tip MA n u r right kids follow your example rather than your advice my 18 month old whenever sees me praying start doin the same actions n he really loves doing it May Allah guide our kids to the right path ameen

  7. Yasmin Hussain says:

    Aawrwb sis, it’s not allowed for a minor ie someone who is not past the age of puberty to lead the salah for adults. one of the conditions of an imam is that he must be a man ie past puberty. He can lead other children but not adults. Please double check with a scholar. Very good other useful tips in the article. Jzk.

    • Aysh Siddiqua says:

      Assalam alikum Sister,

      Yes, I know that it is not allowed for minors to lead a prayer. I should add this as a note in the post. Thank you for the reminder, sister.

      This post is just a personal experience. It was how we started our child on the path to prayer to establish his habit. My husband always prayed his own
      Prayer even behind the child. Majority of the times, he wasn’t even available to pray behind him as he was at the Mosque but my little boy would still lead the prayer for his little stuffed toys (and later on for his baby sisters). This post is not intended to introduce any new innovations or rituals… it is only as an idea on how we can help them have a love for prayer.