Top Ten Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorials


top ten rainbow loom band bracelet ideas tutorials crafts kids rubber bands

Did you know that making Rainbow loom bracelets can help your child sharpen his problem solving skills as well as give him a sense of accomplishment? We are sharing today the top ten Rainbow Loom bracelet tutorials that we love!

My son brought the craze home from school and we started making little curios and toys. Fast forward a few months and since then we have been trying our hand at making bracelets for a few months now. There are so many YouTube videos available. There are lots of loom band artists on Instagram to check out too. We have recently made a Pinterest board for kids looms. You can hop on over to check those but for now… we have collected some really awesome rainbow loom ideas for you here.  If you are loom band crazy or if have kids who are, try these bracelets:

Top Ten Rainbow Loom Bracelet Ideas

rainbow loom band bracelet tutorials crafts diy kids activities top ten

  1. Dragon’s cuff : This is one of the easiest pattern that we have enjoyed. It looks pretty cool and intricate.
  2. Tootsie roll:  This is another must make beauty! It is one of the impress the crowd kind!
  3. Bracelet using a Wooden looms: If you don’t have a loom don’t worry. Here is how to make your own with a wooden block and a few nails. Use the loom then to make your own bracelet!
  4. Stained glass : This pattern is another of our favourites.
  5. Double braid: Here is a pattern that looks more fancier bracelet kind.
  6. Fish tail  sandwich: I love the feel of this!
  7. Diamond loom bracelet 
  8. Twisty for a more twisted spiral look. My 3 year old loves wearing this.
  9. Flower bracelet You can use this pattern to make individual flowers or join up to make a bracelet
  10. Hibiscus flower bracelet.

All of these above bracelets can be elongated to make necklaces or key-ring chains too. My son (8 years old) loves the repetitiveness of the whole process. Even my three year old is enjoying making simple Rainbow Loom projects now.



More Top Ten Rainbow Ideas


This month, the theme for the top ten series is Rainbows. I have written this post as part of this series. Check out what my friends are sharing.

top ten rainbow loom band ideas for kids crafts recipes activities

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    I’m always impressed with rainbow loom bracelets – they come out so awesome!

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