Quick and Easy Homemade Masks – 4 ways to do it!

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19 Responses

  1. To be honest at first I thought the masks will all have a few ingredients in them, but this! Just ONE! It’s kinda impressive… I don’t know if I’ll try the egg though.

    • Aysh Siddiqua says:

      I know…! That’s what I loved about it too… I’ve tried the egg with olive oil. Works wonders for growing hair!

  2. Sabeeka says:

    I love trying out different homemade masks… And this is just my kind of thing.. Loved it!

  3. Asheera says:

    Thanks for sharing.. am going to try all of this…

  4. Rimsha says:

    I love this post! My skin has a tendency to break out so I prefer natural ingredients. Will def give these a shot 🙂

  5. I can’t help but imagine you cooking with masks on lolz… thanks for the tip, I definitely will try the eggs on my hair… hope it really strengthen hair roots!

  6. Shila says:

    Ive tried some of these. Good but messy 🙂 i especially love using egg whites because i have oily skin and open pores and this deffo helps.

    • Shazia S says:

      Try this method..apply a layer of egg, a layer of tissue, another layer of egg…wait for it to dry and peel off! Drips less😃

  7. Fatima says:

    I really like homemade masks, and often use them. They are great for the skin as they are natural and great on the pocket too. I do not but many beauty or skincare products because I prefer natural things.

  8. Fozia S says:

    I am really bad when it comes to looking after my skin. Have been thinking to try more facemasks…might have a go at these.

  9. Nasra Sharif says:

    I LOVE at home masks, this post really makes me want to put a mask on today. I usually mix most of these ingredients you listed together, I never thought of trying them separately.


    • Shazia S says:

      That’s what I discovered while experimenting, the simpler the mask,the better results! Do try them and let us know the results!

  10. Aminat says:

    Besides a homemade oatmeal mask that I do, I’ve never been one for masks/skin care stuff but this mask seems very simple. Hopefully, I’ll get good results.