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1530454_10151807333355933_1796435932_nWelcome to Jeddah Mom Blog!

This blog is written by Aysh (Ayesha Siddiqua), a former biotechnologist (M.Sc) who is now a full time work from home mom. She has a 8 year old son and two daughters aged 3 and 4 years old. This blog is where she records her adventures to working from home while enjoying motherhood.

Aysh says: ‘I crochet, I craft, I tat lace… I love being a woman! I am an Indian expat living in Saudi Arabia. We love to travel, discover and share our experiences with the world. I am passionate about Parenting Positively and growing Global Citizens. This blog is my happy place!’


What is Jeddah Mom all about?

‘In 2003, I was freshly out of college and trying to get a seat to do my Masters. I had ample time waiting for the results to be announced. I had already knit a sweater, made five bouquets of artificial flowers from scraps.. I was babysitting my little cousins in the afternoon… doing a course on making Bonsai Plants… pestering my mother to let me adopt a stray dog… and writing my first novel. The novel didn’t happen but one day at breakfast, reading the newspaper, I found blogging. I have been here ever since.

In the past 12 years, I have written about my life and hobbies on different blogs. In 2009, I brought all my work here to create WordsnNeedles, a blog where my words came more freely… when I had kids, I recorded my parenting adventures here… then in 2014, I became a professional blogger when I realized that my posts were really helping and inspiring people all around. I now write with the intention that every post that I write should give my reader atleast inspiration if not information.  In August 2016, Words ‘n’ Needles became Jeddah Mom. You can read about why in this post here.

We give you:

Free Crochet Patterns. I love making hats for my children. There are also some other wearable and tote-able… and all this and more, I love to share with you. The patterns are all free and you may make and sell them but please, don’t post the pattern anywhere without credit or sell it in any form.

Free Tutorials for Crafts and Home. I love crafts and I love making fun little nothings for my kids. I also love to decorate my home with items that I have made myself. We post our aha-moment with complete pictorial tutorial for you!

Ideas to Work Less Do More. I hate doing my chores. Don’t we all? I am always looking for ways to make life easier for myself and my family. Everything that works and has made my life easier, I will share with you because I want you to have more you-time too!

Parenting hacks that have worked for us. I love to find fun solutions to my children’s bad behavior or anxiety. I am also always looking for more ways to spend quality time with my children. The posts here are usually my mommy moments when I teach my child something or have solved a parenting issue.

Recipes for Kid Friendly Food. With four kids and all different in their habits, we are always experimenting with new tastes and new ways to serve food. Over the years, we have made new recipes that have become our family favorites. Some of them are now favorites among my friends too. What everyone likes, we share with you.

Fun ways to play and teach your children. We are a wild bunch here…we have messy play, we have thoughtful moments, we have scientific reasoning and we have faith. We love to play and discover new ways to learn.

Blogging: I have more experience with blogging than with anything else. I have been blogging longer than I have been married too! I am still learning new tricks and tips everyday. Sometimes, I feel the need to write about a topic that has not been written about much. Something that new bloggers should really know. If you are a blogger, I’d love to hear from you!

Raising Global Citizens: I am an expat since birth and now I am raising my own little expats in foreign lands. We live in a very multicultural society and are multilingual. I share my knowledge and experience to raising multilingual children and the adventure that comes with it.

Tatting In 2008, I taught myself to tat lace. I had no teacher and no books but only online friends from all over the world helping me learn. I finished my 25 Motif Challenge and then got addicted to tatting forever.

Islamic Parenting and Arabic learning resources.

Want to connect with me?

I’d love to hear from you! You can contact me at (jeddahmomblog at gmail dot com)

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