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Welcome! I am so glad you stopped by the Jeddah Mom Blog! We talk about raising kids, organising the home and finding fun things to do as an expat in Saudi Arabia!
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Are you a new mom?

Or do you stay at home mom with kids…

Preparing for your first delivery…

Exhausted with juggling a home and no time for yourself…

Crafty fingers but no time to squeeze it in to your busy life with little children…

Or are you looking for activities to get creative with kids…?

If any of the above describes you, you are at the right place! I can help you.

On Jeddah Mom, we help modern moms run a happy household while raising creative extraordinary kids!



Hi! I am Aysh Siddiqua. Mum to 4, Jeddawi since birth and an avid crafter. Here on JeddahMom, the mom in me tells you life as it is in Jeddah.

This blog was formerly called as Words ‘n’ NeedlesJeddahMom, is an extension of my crafts and now a lifestyle blog. You can read more about who I am in About Aysh section.

Jeddahmom about page

We Provide Support For Mums

I have been a mum for almost 9 years. My children were born 2007, (2009-2011), 2012, 2013. With four kids, lots of reading and researching and practicing the art of motherhood, finding friends in alien lands, pursuing my hobbies and staying sane… I’ve got lots to tell you here.

I have been newly married in a new country… to newly pregnant with no relatives or friends… I’ve moved to a new city and house hunted at 34weeks pregnant… Delivered through an emergency C-section…  I’ve always juggled two kids under two… I know what it is like to go School shopping for one child while expecting another one … what being seriously ill and pregnant means… how to entertain kids while on bed rest… I am a pro at losing post pregnancy weight!

If it is Potty training trouble… Moving beds… Big kid … discipline that works… Summers without a vacation… You name it! I’ve been there and I am here to tell you how modern, educated women bring up their kids.


Jeddah Crafter’s Club

I am crafter… I love to crochet, tat, quill, sew and recycle everything but most of all… I am a shopoholic! I am always looking for craft supplies and the best deal in town. I have been called the Jeddah Yellow Book (no kidding!!)  So… if you are looking for something in Jeddah and don’t know where to find it, go ahead and search for it on the blog here or come on over to my Jeddah Crafters Club on Facebook!

Home is where the Heart is…

I love kids. If I had my way, I’d be playing and laughing with them all day. Don’t we all hate housework?! So… I am always finding ways to work less and do more. We believe in simple minimalistic living. So if you like to live clean, green and natural, come on in and join me!

Welcome to Jeddah! Ahlan!

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